At present, we have polycarbonate sheets with the certificate of fire resistance B, S1, d0. That is the highest rating required of a plastic material. This makes it suitable for use according to the Technical Building Code, DB-SI of 19 February 2010, found in Section IF 1, section '4. Reaction to fire of construction elements and decorative furniture. ' The sheets are flat and opaque, copolyester with very good resistance to impact, have a shallow etching one side to smooth out any irregularities in the wall. They are also decorative elements, are highly recommended in waiting rooms, offices ... The smoth face is stuck to the wall by contact glue or neutral silicone (the use of neutral silicone is recommended in closed environments and for its greater simplicity in assembly).
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Characteristics of the sheet

♦ Our name for these sheet is: ZK801

♦ Measurements are 2050mm x 1250mm with a thickness of 1.5mm, but we can cut in the size you want.

♦ The blades are flat and give them mass color,so is hard to see scratches and texturing are very smooth.

♦ They have high impact resistance to be made of policarbonate.

♦ Easy recycling, thereby saving natural resources and thereby protect the environment.

♦ The installation is very simple: the smooth side is adhere using silicone glue or neutral, the latter facilitates mounting indoors.

♦ The sheets can be thermoformed with straight folds up to 2050mm. in length. The number of folds will be based on the final design, so it is performed before each installation.  Link 

Properties of the sheet
Mechanical properties
Tensile elongation at yield (Break) 6(110) % ISO 527
Elastic modulus 2350 Mpa ISO 527
Flexural modulus 2300 Mpa ISO 178
Izod impact, unnotched 3mm +23°C No break kj/m2 ISO 180/1U
Izod impact, unnotched 3mm -30°C No break kj/m2 ISO 180/1U
Izod impact, notched +23°C 70 kj/m2 ISO 180
Rockwell hardness 3mm M-70 R-scale ISO 2039-2
Thermal properties
Vicat softening temperature B120 149 °C ASTM D 2220
Heat deflection temperature 132 °C DIN 53516
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (23°-80°) 0.70 10-4x K-1 ISO 2039-2
Physical properties
Density 1.20 g/cm3 ISO 306
Fire and smoke performance
Flammability 1.5mm B,S1,d0- EN 13501-1+A1:2009
These classifications are valid according to the tests performed may vary according to final application.

Sheet Colours

Beige n° 101

White n° 102

Grey n° 103

Vanilla n° 104

Sheet Accessories
ZK901 can be used as a finish and ZK902 can be used as a connection between two sheets, and ZK905 can be used for the interior corners. Available in the 4 colors of the sheet.


In this picture we see as the profile of H is arranged vertically, separating the different sheets of 1000mm and in turn the U is positioned horizontally. Finally, there has been a thermoforming the sheet located on the windowsill.


We offer the possibility of cutting the edges of the sheet in chaflan. In this picture you can see the edge of the lamina cut at 45°.
¿What is the BS1d0 clasification?
Is the reaction to fire of construction elements, furniture and decorative elements, which follow the following qualities:



Determines the opacity of smoke:


Determines the fall of burning particles

You can NOT clean the sheet with the following products:



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