A company with the vocation to lead

Ziko Europa, S.A. is an innovative company with a high production capacity in the design and manufacturing of profiles. It has the most recent data processing systems and fully automated extrusion equipment, installed on a floorspace of 2000 square meters. Advanced technology and a qualified staff guarantee consistent quality in all its products. At the present time, ZIKO EUROPA, S.A. is exporting its products regularly to its distributors in Germany, England and Australia, as well as delivering supplies to other countries worldwide, like Portugal, Jordan, Panama, Turkey, etc. Quality, functionality and service are endorsed by its many clients who have entrusted ZIKO EUROPA, S.A. with the protection and decoration of their walls:

- Public authorities (hospitals, health centres, nursing homes).

- Private companies (builders, hotels, shopping centres, clinics, residences).

More than 30 years working for you

We started our business in 1991, as manufacturers of interior decorative protective, this being our only activity. We manufacture handrails, corner-guards, and wall defenses. Our protection systems are based on an aluminum profile attached to the wall with a floating shock-absorbing plastic. Commonly used in the construction or renovation of hospitals.

Quality Commitment

The quality, functionality and service are backed by its many customers who have entrusted the protection and decoration of its walls. The key to our success lies in the manufacture of a quality product, therefore we offer a 2 year warranty for any manufacturing defect, as proof of our commitment.

ZIKO EUROPA SA is an innovative company with high production capacity in the design and manufacture of profiles. It has the most modern equipment and fully automated extrusion and injection machines, in facilities of 2,000 square meters. Its advanced technology and highly qualified personnel allows you to ensure consistent quality in all its products.

Social commitment

Social commitment has always been part of our corporate values, we have many years helping various Associations and Foundations to achieve the improvement of social welfare, both in Spain and abroad.

We want to make a special mention, among the many donations that we made, one of the happiest we do is to Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras, as they go to fires, earthquakes and other catastrophes and we are very proud to have done it for more than 15 years.

Environmental commitment

All materials used in the manufacture of Zikonyl® They are totally recyclable and respectful with the environment.

Our material is free phthalates . Numerous investigations have been carried out on their incidence in the health of people and starting from very conservative prevention premises, the European administration has established deadlines for the prohibition of some phthalates of low molecular weight and has limited the use of those with a higher molecular weight in certain children's products or childcare articles.

At Ziko Europe we are looking for sustainable growth , so we manage resources efficiently, always trying to reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy.

During the orders preparation, efforts are made to reduce the generation of waste to the minimum, and the few that are generated are collected by external companies for proper management, in accordance with current legal regulations and reduce the environmental impact.

We present our range of machines, from major German manufacturers.

Purchased new and properly maintained, which guarantees a homogeneous production over time.


The profiles are made by extrusion.


The End-bit we perform by injection.


Hydraulic pipe bender.


Dehumidifier: For proper drying of the material prior to the manufacture


Have many molds.

In ZIKO EUROPA, S.A. we combine our resources and experience to meet the needs of the client and offer solutions tailored to each installation.


Ziko Europa S.A Polígono Industrial Aimayr C/ Bronce, 12 Nave 6, 28330 San Martín de la Vega Madrid (Spain)

Phone: +0034 916911206 Fax: +0034 916916799

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