In this figure we show how you should take steps to achieve a uniform aesthetic as well as to protect the walls as much as possible.

instruction-measures-profile-protector In this image you should appreciate how to estimate the profile size regard from the wall. Please when placing an order we provide with type B metering as having computerized cutting process, the calculation is automatic.
Supply regulations

All the sections-both of aluminium as well as of Zikonyl- will be marked with the measurements supplied by you, or with the new plans or measurements calculated by us (so that you can identify the piece's exact location). The sections will be packaged by areas or groups you have indicated to us; so that you know which floor area they belong to.

All the packages will be numbered. In addition, we will keep a record the contents of each pacage so that it can be replaced as soon as possible should it be lost or misplaced. Should request it with the order, this detailed breakdown can be sent with the delivey, although it is normally not included because it leads to shipping delays.

All pieces measuring less than six metres in length are to be supplied in one section, free from joints and thus gaining in visual appeal, unless otherwise specified by the customer due to difficulties in handling and shipping. Orders of less than 200 metres in length will be cut into 3 metres lengths or less.

Carton packaging and transport (within peninsular Spain) are included in the prices shown. If another type of packaging or transport is needed, please consult us.

During the execution of the works, amounts, colours and models can be changed for any other kind of standard products without incurring any additional costs. Invoicing is done by real meter installed.

These supply regulations are valid for Spain. If you are in another country, please consult your distributor.


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