The ZK-O Handrails is compound by aluminum and Zikonyl, designed for so that people can support on it safely, besides its circular design, and it textured makes a very nice feel. It is very sturdy, this is because thanks to our brackets to the wall, with three fixing points well-space-points, allowing us an optimal support in both plasterboard, as in traditional brick partition walls.
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In this photo you can see the handrails model ZK-O, the horizontal protection model ZK-Z and the vertical protector ZK-S.
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The Yellow handrails model ZK-O in two heights
Below you can find the cutting model:ZK-O


The walls into which the section is to be mounted should be finished and painted.


Cut and drill the aluminium sections depending on the measurements needed. Allow for a space of approximately 900 to 1300 mm. between fasteners. To ensure a better fit, cut the Zikonyl section 2 mm. longer then the aluminium section. Mount end caps after clipping on the Zikonyl section as well as the rigt-hand ends.

Place the supports on the section and finally mount onto the wall face.

The minimum installation measure of ZK-O model is 350 mm.

About the colors availables of the ZK-O model, you can see in the next Link:  COLOURS


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