The ZK-Z model is a very strong ornamental protection, made of aluminium and Zikonyl ®. It allows the impacts to be absorbed that are habitually received by the walls. Their 200mm width protects the wall from objects that are located at different heights. This protection is designed so that when receiving the impact, the Zikonyl ® avoids to damage the wall, and immediately recovers its original shape and size. The end cap are injected, in polyamide conditioned to take maximum advantage of its excellent properties. All the models and products of Zikonyl ® are very easy to mount, which means mounting times can be reduced.
Below you can find the cutting model:ZK-Z-wall-protector-hospital
wall-protector-economic Click to enlarge
In this photo you can see the horizontal protector ZK-Z and the vertical protector ZK-X


The walls into which the section is to be mounted should be finished and painted.


First, we must cut and drill the aluminum sections depending on the necessary measures by calculating a separation between fasteners 600 to 1000mm.aprox. For better fitting, cut the profile Zikonyl ® 2mm. longer than aluminum. The end bits are valid for both the right and left of the profile and have to be mounted before the profile Zikonyl ®. The minimum installation measure of ZK-Z model is 101mm.
About the colors availables of the ZK-Z model, you can see in the next Link:  COLOURS


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